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Why are Bespoke Wedding Invitations & Stationery worth the extra cost?

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

Having just got married myself, it is quite staggering how much some suppliers can charge and how quickly costs can mount up. Many places also seem to charge MORE for their items as soon as you mention that it's for a WEDDING. I am not a supplier that does this, and believe that prices should be consistent regardless of the person or event. Although I specialise in bespoke wedding invitations & stationery, I do get some other requests e.g. anniversary invitations or the occasional birthday party and I ensure my pricing is consistent.

At wedding shows some people ask "Why does your wedding stationery cost more than Etsy or Zazzle?" It makes total sense why people ask this, and I appreciate them giving me a chance to explain. Here are a few reasons why I charge the way I do:

  1. The designs of Etsy and Zazzle are all pre-designed and you have to find a design that suits you best. It is the opposite for bespoke, I start from a blank piece of paper and create stationery around your requirements ... you have as much freedom as you like!

  2. All prices include a DESIGN FEE. If you are wondering what this is ... I need to charge for the time is takes me to consult with you (excluding the free 30 min consultation at the start), create your design concept, mock up your wedding stationery, bring your illustration ideas to life, make amendments, finalise everything, send the stationery to print or provide digital copies. There are so many details behind the scenes that you don't get to see, and these take hours of work.

  3. The software and devices I use to design your bespoke wedding stationery are not cheap and require skill and training to use. Part of the expense you are paying for covers the cost for these and my specialist knowledge of the software.

  4. I'm offering a luxury service and providing something of value. As a creative, it's so important for me to place monetary value on my art and the service that I am providing you. I am offering wedding stationery that are one - of - a - kind and personal to every couple, my style is unique and I have an abundance of design experience.

  5. I pride myself on amazing customer service, and some of the programs I use to deliver a smooth customer experience cost money. My website took years to perfect, the booking process is simple and easy, all customisation options and ideas to give you inspiration are on the website, our contract can be signed digitally and returned via email, any consultations are conducted via your preferred method of contact, design concepts are sent using our concept template which gives you flexibility and shows you the options we think may be of interest to you, our invoicing process makes payment simple and allows you to keep track of everything, and most importantly I love what I do, so you are hiring a passionate and friendly person. I want you to feel that working with me was one of the best parts of your wedding experience!

  6. You are essentially hiring a "mini planner" who takes care of pretty much everything for you. I will help you keep on track with your invitation & stationery timeline. If you opt for our pre-assembled stationery option we will put all the stationery together for you, pair this with the option of printed addresses on envelopes and all you have to do is pop the invitations in the post ... simple! I am here to make everything as easy and smooth as possible.

So it is really worth hiring a bespoke wedding stationery designer?

YES - I am biased of course, but I have had amazing feedback from my clients and your guests will certainly rave about their wedding invitation suite if you decide to make the investment.

Why stop at wedding invitations? If you opt for our "on the day stationery" items it will really add that extra special final touch to your wedding day!

Interested in bespoke wedding stationery? Get in touch today.


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