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Wedding E-Vites: The Era of Digital Wedding Invitations

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

The world has gone digital, so wedding invitations should follow suite ... right? There are a lot of advantages in going digital for your wedding invitations. We reveal all below.

Online stationery has significantly progressed over the last few years, and wedding invitations no longer need to arrive through the letterbox. Wedding E-Vite designs are endless and are just as effective at building anticipation for your special day.

Wedding E-Vites can save money

on printing costs, are eco-friendly and will save you hours addressing and posting a mountain of envelopes. You can even set up a wedding website and include a QR code on your RSVP so guests can respond digitally and you can track responses, meaning less admin for you.

Can I really send wedding invitations online?

Definitely! The guest experience has really been developed over the past few years and we provide bespoke, beautiful, professional designs ... you just provide us with a few ideas of what you want and we will bring it to life (of course if you want to have more of an input, that is just fine too). But do still consider that Gran and Grandad may not have an email account, so some paper copies may still be necessary.

Interested in bespoke digital wedding invitations? ... take a look at our website today!


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