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Top 10 Wedding Invitation Etiquette Questions Answered

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

Wedding invitations not only provide guests with their first glimpse of your special day. But they are a crucial logistical element. Therefore, it is worth familiarising yourself with the following wedding invitation etiquette guidelines.

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1. When should your wedding RSVPs be due?

As a general rule you want to make your RSVP date around four to six weeks before your wedding date. This provides enough time to chase any stragglers, inform the caterer of final numbers, and to finalise your seating chart.

2. Should you include the dress code on your wedding invitations?

Your desired dress code can be included at the bottom of your invite or your separate guest information card e.g. "Black tie" or "casual dress". However, if you prefer not to explicitly state the dress code, that is just fine too. Your invitation design can provide an indication as to suitable attire. For example a formal event might be represented by a traditional invite with letterpress and calligraphy. Alternatively, you can set up a wedding website using Hitched and direct your guests to this site where the dress code details can be stipulated in a more informal forum.

3. Where to put your return address on your wedding invitations?

A return address can easily be overlooked but it is really important. If an invite is unable to be delivered then it can be returned to you, and you can contact the guest to ask for an up to date address. That way you can ensure all guests are informed of your wedding.

The return address usually goes on the back flap of the envelope. It is also etiquette to complete the response address on the envelopes for the RSVP and include a postage stamp. If you want to save on costs or prefer the digital option then incorporate a QR code on your RSVP so guests can respond online.

4. Can the back of wedding invitations be used for information?

Generally a guest information card is used to display any details that do not fit on your wedding invitation rather than using the back of the invite. Reason being is that many guests may not turn over the invite and could miss out on important information. In addition, including too many details on your wedding invitation (front or back) risks taking away the main design of your stationery and everything may seem a bit crammed.

5. What time should you put on your wedding invitations?

Do you have guests that are always late? Are you tempted to put an earlier time for the ceremony than the actual start time? Don't worry ... generally guests tend to show up on time or are early for a wedding ceremony. By using an earlier start time your guests could end up waiting a lot longer for you than is necessary.

6. How do I politely ask guests for gifts or money?

You can put your wedding wish list on your wedding website, or include a little poem like we designed below on an insert card in your invitation suite sent out to guests.

7. How do I let guests know about your wedding website?

Your wedding URL or QR code can be included on an insert card in your invitation suite without breaking any etiquette rules. If you are given guests the option to RSVP using the website then you may also include details on the RSVP card.

8. Who do I need to give a plus-one to?

There is no need to give every single guest a plus-one ... phew. If a guest is not married or in a serious relationship then a solo invite is absolutely fine! If a guest RSVPs for two then call them and explain due to budget or venue capacity that you are not able to invite everyone with a guest. Costs can quickly spiral out of control if everyone wants to bring a plus-one.

9. How do I let guests know that it is an adult-only wedding?

It is not considered proper etiquette to include this directly on your invitation. Instead, you can make this clear by addressing your wedding invitations to specific guests and not the whole family. If some guests reply with their children's names then call them and explain over the phone.

10. Do you have to invite someone who invited you to their wedding?

It is totally normal to be undecided on whether to invite some guests, and you may want to give it a bit of time before you make a final decision. You are not obligated to reciprocate the invitation. But it is worth considering your relationship with them and whether you wish to make room for them on your guest list.


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