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Pros and Cons of having your wedding in the off peak season!

Wedding season is generally between May and September - the nicest months in the UK out of the year (well... on average anyway). You will find that suppliers will up their prices in these months as they are sort after for the nice weather and kids being off on school holidays.

But what if you decide to have your wedding off peak? Yes it may be slightly colder, but does that really matter?

Here we will look at the pros and cons of having your wedding in the months October - April.



  1. It's so much CHEAPER!

  1. Yes there is the odd chance a rain shower may appear... but why not get some cool umbrellas for your guests or bridal party?

2. You can still get beautiful weather in April time - a few years back the UK had a heatwave!

2. Some family may not be able to attend as it's during term time.

3. Suppliers are not as busy - they should have more availability!

3. Hours of daylight are limited! But you can always jazz up your wedding venue to have pretty fairy lights outside. Also amazing for your photographer to do some cool shots!

4. You don't have the immediate rush to send out Save the Dates asap - no need to fear of people booking their summer holidays and not being able to attend your wedding.

4. You may need to look at the type of wedding dress you go for and if you would need a cover up on the day if it is due to be chilly.

5. No hayfever allergies! And no one sweating buckets in the heat!

5. Restricted to indoor facilities - if you had your heart set on an outdoor ceremony, it's unlikely your venue will cater for this in the freezing cold. So keep this in mind!


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