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How can I spruce up my bespoke wedding invitations even more?

Looking for that extra touch and sparkle to really give your guests that WOW moment? Here are a few extras that you might want to consider ...

  1. Bespoke wax seals ... these are gorgeous and add an elegant addition to your invitations. They can display your names or a warm welcome comment e.g. "be our guest".

  2. Bespoke envelopes ... how many letters do you receive in plain white envelopes? Your invitations should stand our from the norm and bespoke envelopes will definitely achieve that. Choose coloured envelopes that are in line with your theme or we can design a bespoke envelope liner that could continue your invitation design.

  3. Bespoke belly bands ... these wrap your invitation suites and keep everything neatly together, they can contain a beautiful message such as "You are invited" building excitement and giving something extra for guests to admire.

Interested in bespoke wedding invitations and stationery? Get in touch today.


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