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Are 'Thank You' cards necessary?

So your wedding day is over (I know, it flies by in a flash), you are back from your honeymoon and settling into married life. Are you wondering whether to send thank you cards to your guests?

Some might find it tempting to skip the ' Thank You' cards. But giving thanks to those who made your wedding day so special should not be overlooked, and guests really appreciate the gesture and gratitude for their gifts.

Bespoke 'Thank You' cards are the ultimate expression and could include your favourite wedding photos, or an illustration of your choice. They are a beautiful momento and keepsake to share with the special people in your life. Just send us the pictures, choose your type of paper and we will take care of the rest!

Your thank you message can be whatever you wish or we can leave room for you to write any personal messages by hand if you wish. Feel free to contact us for any wedding thank you message tips.

Interested in bespoke wedding stationery including 'Thank You' cards? Get in touch today.


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