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5 top tips for newly engaged couples when planning their wedding!

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

TIP 1:

If you are opting to have a beautiful wedding cake made, try and find a supplier that is situated as close to your wedding venue as you can! This makes sure the cake is safe on a short trip and also if it's very warm, the cake doesn't start to melt!

TIP 2:

Create a wedding email! This is super helpful so all your important wedding emails can be found in one place... no more scrolling and losing emails amongst your spam folders!

TIP 3:

Think of having a wedding website. Hitched is a great platform where you can create a free wedding website. On there you can log your guests rsvps, and they can find information about your day that you wouldn't necessarily put in your wedding stationery. In the back end - you have access to creating your table plan, budgets, checklist and more! I couldn't recommend this enough - it's a lifesaver and completely FREE! It's a great way to find wedding suppliers too. You can find me here also!

TIP 4:

Keep a folder full of your invoices and a spreadsheet with all your supplier information on! Trust me - you'll need to be organised, and know when payments are due, supplier's phone numbers and email addresses in case of need!

TIP 5:

Consider the types of flowers to have on your wedding day. Silk flowers are absolutely amazing and hayfever free (great for my partner who is allergic to tree pollen!) and they keep forever! I decided to have my bridal bouquet as silk flowers, so I can keep them in a vase or a cabinet and they won't wilt or get mouldy over the years.


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