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Wedding Timeline

Ceremony, drinks, dinner and dancing ... what more is there and why do I need a wedding timeline?

Often a lot more planning goes on behind the scenes to ensure the key moments happen on time and wedding guests hate waiting around. A wedding timeline is the perfect solution to ensure your day flows smoothly whilst also keeping everyone in the loop of where they need to be and when ... phew - one less thing you have to worry about.

Here is our loose guide to what a typical wedding timeline could look like and what key events you may consider including (this can be rejigged to suit your actual day):

  1. Ceremony - almost all weddings start with this

  2. Throwing of confetti or bubble blowing - you may wish to specify a time for this to ensure all guests are present and the moment is captured on camera

  3. Drinks reception - allow enough time for your guests (and you) to travel to the venue if your ceremony and venue are not at the same location

  4. Canapes, photo calls and/or fun garden games - anything significant that you want to make your guests aware of

  5. Wedding breakfast - setting a dedicated time can ensure guests are seated comfortably allowing you both to make that special entrance

  6. Speeches - generally these tend to follow dinner, but perhaps you are really nervous and want to get them out the way before you eat

  7. The arrival of your evening guests

  8. Any evening entertainment that you want guests to know about perhaps you have a photo booth or you're planning to do sparklers at some point

  9. Cutting of the cake

  10. First dance - the cutting of the cake can be a bit of a strange one, nothing really exciting happens and guests don't know what to do after, so why not transition straight from cutting the cake into your first dance

  11. Evening buffet - let guests know if you are providing food in the evening so they don't run off and grab a late night pizza

  12. Last dance of the night

  13. Carriages - let guests know what time the bar closes and what time they should vacate the premises

All that's left for you is to decide how to display your wedding timeline. We recommend a bespoke order of the day with custom illustrations to really bring it to life and build excitement. Contact us to see how we can help.


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